What is the success rate of Hair Transplant ?


Success rate of Hair Transplant depends upon various factors like

– Qualification and experience of operating surgeon

– Clinic facilities

– Proper O.T. Setup

– Trained technician staff

– Percentage of graft damaged

– Techniques used

– Latest and advanced instruments used

– Ability of handling emergencies

– Post operative care regimen

– Post operative support

– Quality of PRP used

– etc

What can you do to ensure these factors ?

– Always choose quality over quantity. 

– Consult in deep to test the knowledge of the person. Only opt for the surgery at a center if all your doubts are cleared.

– Always insist on seeing the operation theater.

– Always remember not to make decisions based only on how cheap the surgery is because complications though rare are known to occur.

Dr. Narendra Nikumbh is an experienced and well known hair transplant surgeon with more than 250 successful hair transplant surgeries.