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Evidence based practise and clinical researches in the field of clinical dermatology have helped evolve Dermatology as a whole new branch in the field of medicine. This means that with the help of technology new methods of treatment and new formulations can be developed for the treatment of skin and hair disorders.

Medical Management in dermatology refers to the detailed and highly skilled process where a qualified dermatologist –
a. Enquires
b. Examines
c. Analyses
d. Interprets
e. Counsels
f. Prescribes & Treats
the medical concern/condition of the patient.

This whole process requires patient to answer some questions and provide information regarding –
a. symptoms of the problem
b. detailes about the emergence of the problem
c. progression details
d. current scenario
e. sometimes, history of similar conditions in the family, close contacts etc
f. details about previous treatments taken if any
g. details of any allergies or reactions to medications or other things
h. details of any other medical conditions, apart from the skin and hair problems

Based on the above factors a dermatologist can prescribe you the oral or topical formulations which are specific to your medical concern/condition.

Medical Management may involve certain simple procedures but doesn’t not involve major surgical interventions.

With the advent of newer and more potent and effective formulations it is possible to avoid long procedures and sometimes even surgeries for Skin and Hair problems. Hence visiting a qualified, experienced and expert dermatologist for your Skin and Hair problems can save you time and money.

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