Best Meso Therapy in Thane

Mesotherapy is a technique where microscopic quantities of pharmaceuticals, vitamins and minerals are injected deep into the skin to help it rejuvenate and repair itself. Carried out with the right expertise in formulation and application, it can produce highly satisfying results with conditions ranging from dark circles to hair loss and skin ageing.

A. Mesotherapy for dark circles –

Did you know that the eyelids blink about 10,000 times a day on average? With that frequency of muscular activity, the eyelids gradually begin to lose elasticity. Meanwhile, as skin ages, it turns drier, while the eyelids and area around the eyes get thinner and more translucent. Blood vessels become more visible, imparting a darkish hue to the area. Sometimes these vessels dilate and weaken the surrounding capillaries, causing blood cells to leak. While this occurs in minute quantities, posing no cause for concern, it creates a purplish tone under the eyes. As overall facial muscle tone weakens with time, the youthful under-eye fat begins to slip downwards, creating puffiness or the appearance of bags.

At Infinty Aesthetics Clinic, we recommend Mesotherapy to help eliminate the purplish tinge – which shows up as dark circles – and also to restore that delicate fullness under the eyes. Eyes look brighter and younger as a result.

B. Mesotherapy for hair loss –

The infusion of nutrients and medication helps tackle hair thinning and hair loss. Using a special cocktail, the scalp is given a vitamin boost which can improve blood circulation for better nourishment of the hair follicle. What makes Mesotherapy so uniquely effective is that it infuses a therapeutic solution directly into the scalp, unlike topical solutions such as serums or sprays, or oral medication for that matter. This treatment also helps delay the onset of alopecia or male pattern baldness. It is a good practice to start treatment with the first signs of hair loss as this retards or stops the advance of thinning.

C. Mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation –

The direct delivery of vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the skin, has a nourishing and rejuvenating effect. It restores hydration, promotes collagen and elastin production, and boosts microcirculation. As a result, skin looks firmer, rested and radiant.

At Infinity Aesthetics Clinic, Dr. Narendra Nikumbh is the best Dermatologist in Thane and Mumbai, provides the best Mesotherapy Treatment in Thane and Mumbai. We as a team work closely with every client to deliver a customized treatment crafted around the individual’s hair and skin type, using the latest technologies, systems, devices and products and this is what makes Infinity Aesthetics Clinic the Best Skin clinic in Thane and Mumbai.

The upper layers of skin, the epidermis and dermis, function as protective barriers from environmental exposure. However, they also reduce the absorption of active nutrients present in topical applications aimed at regeneration. Mesotherapy gets through this barrier. Delivering nutrients directly into the mesoderm, the deepest layer of skin, it enables direct nutritional and therapeutic access to the blood vessels. As a result, it promotes rejuvenation and regeneration of skin tissue.

A well established procedure that uses a tiny needle, Mesotherapy causes barely any discomfort. In this gentle procedure, the dermatologist micro-injects a potent blend rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to the exact tissue area in the mesoderm. The exact formulation is customised by the dermatologist.

While the nutrients proceed do their job, the injections also create micro-channels in the skin which the body interprets as micro-injury and sends its army of red blood cells (RBC) to heal the area through the wound healing process. This means instantly improved circulation – with oxygen-rich blood. Improved blood circulation, in turn, lets the blood vessels come to their optimal size. As these capillaries get healthier, and the area better oxygenated, the purplish under-eye tinge disappears.

Moreover, Mesotherapy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, essential for skin to thicken out and develop subdermal fat in precisely the right areas, helping correct the appearance of under-eye bags.

When it comes to reversing hair loss, it is essential to revitalise follicular nourishment. In Mesotherapy for the scalp, an injection gun is used to deliver a tonic containing minerals and vitamins in the layer of fat deep in the mesoderm. These replace the nutrients that the follicles have ceased to absorb. They also stimulate blood circulation, which in turn retards hair loss and reactivates hair growth.

Balding, loss of hair in patches and the progressive thinning of hair are all symptoms of alopecia. Dehydrotestosterone (DHT), a naturally-occuring hormone, is considered to be the primary culprit in hair loss and blocking this hormone is key to stopping hair loss. So if the root cause of hair loss is hormonal in nature, dehydrotestosterone (DHT) blockers are injected as well.

When treating dark circles, following the treatment, there may be mild redness for up to 24 hours. There could be a bit of bruising which usually resolves over one week. But there is no downtime.

You may notice some change soon after; and visible improvement in two to three sessions. The darkened area around the eyes will fade away as the blood circulation gets restored. The purplish shadow will give way to a healthy skin tone.

As the skin thickens out and the subdermal fat builds up, the wrinkles will also smoothen out and the eyes will no longer look sunken.

The eye bags and puffiness will lessen with the increased nutrients in the area. Fortified against the stress factors of daily life, the whole eye area will show vast improvement.

And you will see the world with brighter and more youthful eyes.

This healthful boost stimulates circulation and nourishes the hair follicles. Hair growth is now restored as the rejuvenated hair follicles are stronger. The strands of hair that grow out of these follicles are now thicker, stronger and healthier. Hair shedding, hair loss and even hair breakage will lessen. You can soon expect thicker and healthier hair.

a. Do eat a high-protein meal.
b. Avoid caffeine or other stimulants before treatment.
c. Inform the doctor about any ongong treatment involving blood thinning agents, any history of bleeding disorders, active skin infection e.g.; Herpes, compromised immune system, impaired healing (e.g. keloid or scar formers), pregnancy/ lactation, pacemaker, allergies to local anesthetics or any other agents.

a. Depending on the area where Mesotherapy has been administered, avoid wearing makeup for at least 4 hours after the treatment, or applying any form of hair dressing.
b. Do not take a hot shower for at least 6 to 8 hours.