Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

When the hair grafts are implanted in the areas of hair thinning and hair loss it takes them few weeks to months to grasp the firm grip. 

This is done when they claim a steady blood supply.

They then grow like any other hair on the scalp. Since these hair are extracted from the relatively resistant areas i.e. the donor areas situated at the back of the head they inherit this property.

So unlike the original hair on the newly transplanted hair are a not sensitive to the DHT hormone. What they are not resistant to are the external factors like pollution, heat damage, chemical damage, damage caused by smoking etc. If maintained properly the transplanted hair may have a good long life i.e. 7 to 15 years.

Dr. Narendra Nikumbh is an experienced and well known hair transplant surgeon with more than 250 successful hair transplant surgeries.