Hair Transplant Clinic in Thane

Your hair is the most beautiful part of your personality and maintaining a lustrous lock takes more than just taking care of your diet and nutritional intake. Your lifestyle and diet plays an important role in maintaining healthy hair, but the external texture and looks also matter in enhancing your personality.

Expert hair-care solutions and hair restoration procedures are delivered best only by experienced surg

Infinity Aesthetics Clinic is an exclusive center led by Dr. Narendra Nikumbh. Offering hair transplant surgery of unparalleled international standards, Infinity Aesthetics Clinic prides itself in the various path-breaking innovations in Hair Transplant.

The expert surgeon Dr. Narendra Nikumbh who is regarded as one of the best hair tranpslant surgeon in Thane and Mumbai have not only performed the hair transplant for more than 300 patients but have also treated 900+ cases of grade 6/7 baldness. He has also implanted more than 1,25,000+ grafts with a 100% success rate.

The Bio-Follicular Unit Extraction (Bio-FUE) Techniques are also utilized judiciously to provide permanent natural results to the patients.

Looking for personalized hair restoration solutions with a holistic approach to look after your hair and comfort?

Infinity Aesthetics Clinic is the best hair tranpslnt clinic in Thane and is a one-stop shop for all hair loss assessment and hair transplantation, and Infinity Aesthetics Clinic helps patients suffering from male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, as well as hair loss after child-birth, failed hair transplant surgeries, and hairline reconstruction cases.

Dr. Narendra Nikumbh and Infinity Aesthetics Clinic utilizes the most advanced hair transplant techniques in conjunction with the latest trends in aesthetic density which helps in giving a natural touch to the transplanted hair. With a core focus on delivering excellence in hair transplant, Dr. Narendra Nikumbh and Infinity Aesthetics Clinic is committed to complete patient satisfaction to provide an enriching experience.

Dr. Narendra Nikumbh ensures meeting the best professional and ethical standards by maintaining patient confidentiality wherein patients could consult the doctor in person, through telephone, and email.

All these attributes makes Dr. Narendra Nikumbh the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Thane and Infinity Aesthetics Clinic the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Thane.